Pipeline in a ProductTM

AMR Solutions

Superbug threat and the impending failure of old and trusted antibacterial agents led Bugworks to develop next-generation broad spectrum antibacterial agents with oral and intravenous options, to fight some of the most resistant superbugs around. Novelty in the design and mechanism of action has resulted in Gyrox.
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Immuno-Oncology Solutions

Until recently, cytotoxic chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and targeted therapy were the pillars of cancer treatment. Immunotherapy has now become the fifth pillar of oncologic care, but not without obstacles.

The Tumor Microenvironment is a reservoir of these obstacles tipping the scales towards the immune escape of tumors. The Tumor Microenvironment also provides rational targets for small molecule inhibition through which immunomodulation can occur and Bugworks is tapping into this potential to increase the response rate through DARE.


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