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We are a small group of highly committed and seasoned scientists who have taken the size and severity of this global challenge personally and pledged to commit ourselves to address this before it becomes a bigger global health nightmare.
We are proud of our ongoing commitment to the research and development of new antibacterial agents and anti-cancer treatments, and we are working hard to ensure that both individual patients and society will continue to benefit from our Go-to-Globe Strategy.

The AMR problem and the unmet need

The last novel class of antibacterial agents to be licensed was discovered in 1987. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is one of the major challenges of our time, with devastating and long-lasting consequences. Without effective antimicrobials, common infections can become life-threatening, and even routine treatments such as surgical procedures and chemotherapy would not be possible, making any medical intervention almost impossible.

Stepping up Cancer therapeutics to the next level

Our research programs focus on discovering affordable, differentiated, small molecule therapeutics for highly hypoxic tumors where adenosine plays a pivotal role in creating an immunosuppressive and tumor-promoting environment.
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We believe our deep understanding of medicinal chemistry and the tumor microenvironment has the potential to render the current standard of care therapies more effective with sustained anti-tumor responses. Our research programs focus on discovering differentiated and affordable small molecule therapeutics for treating recalcitrant tumors 

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