Can we break the indomitable spirit of Cancer?

Leela Maitreyi

January 22, 2020

With the beginning of 2010, the biopharma industry faced daunting challenges. Imminent patent expirations, done-to-death therapies, plummeting revenues to name a few. Fast forward to now, new capabilities are being explored to address many of these challenges. The industry’s R&D outcomes have witnessed some quantum leaps, marked by several breakthroughs specially in areas like oncology.

The oncology science and healthcare fraternity was one of the earliest to leverage and adopt the genomics and personalised medicine revolution to better understand how biology and disease entwine. New innovations started addressing the causes over symptoms. Currently, the Onco-Pharma industry is in a reasonably good place making some great strides with a pointed focus of value based treatments and outcomes for cancers.

Does this mean we are close to silencing this demon?

If so, what could be few of the imperatives that may help us find more opportunities & lasting impact amidst the plethora of uncertainties that this disease presents us with endlessly?

  1. Design new and better of the existing tried and tested-They are around for a reason!
  2. Master the Immune System’s Arsenal
  3. Design robust mechanistic rules for combinatorial treatments to overcome resistance and avoid toxicity
  4. Deep dive into the science of recalcitrance of certain cancers
  5. Utilize the diversity of microbial signatures and their relevance in cancers
  6. Never underestimate the power of the dark side: Drug resistance
  7. Recycle, replicate & repurpose
  8. Finally, make the right scientific & business decision with prudent choice of cancers

The goal can realistically never be to find an elixir but to aim for clear answers to these questions, to use this purpose and have a profound positive impact on cancer patient’s lives.

On the verge of a new decade, what will it take to be a winner against cancers?

No one has a crystal ball, but it seems clear that to win this battle and beyond, companies in this space must accept that change is imperative. How about Innovate Fast, Flawless and Flourish!!