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Tackling twin scourges of humanity

Humanity is continuously challenged by global disease burden from AMR and cancers. Available therapies are unable to address many of these issues. We are a group of highly experienced scientists with a single focus agenda to provide novel solutions to these health threats.

New antibacterial and Next-generation cancer therapeutics are urgently needed. 

Our Therapy Areas


Next-generation Oncology therapeutics

Stepping up Cancer therapeutics to the next level 

Our research programs focus on discovering differentiated and affordable small molecule therapeutics for treating recalcitrant tumors. 


Antibacterial Agents

Discovery of novel antibacterial agents:
Innovative solutions to combat AMR

Our solutions are products of sophisticated technologies with the potential to cover a broad range of priority pathogens in the syndromes of high unmet need, addressing many serious hospital and community infections and combating a broad spectrum of biothreat pathogens.

Project Portfolio

A key gap in the recently approved drugs, as well as those in late-stage pipeline, is the lack of oral options that cover Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive microbial infections. An intravenous and oral drug product will address the treatment of Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive infections implied in HABP/VABP, CABP, uUTI, cUTI, and other enteric infections.

Modulating the immune system through a small molecule approach offers several unique advantages that are complementary to, and potentially synergistic with, biologic modalities and are poised to significantly extend the scope of immuno-oncology applications and enhance the opportunities for combination with tumour-targeted agents and biologic immunotherapies.



Our pipeline consists of targeted small molecules for the treatment of multidrug-resistant microbial infections and hypoxic, immunosuppressed, refractory solid tumors.

About Us

Bugworks was set up in 2014 and incubated in C-CAMP, Bangalore. The core scientific team comes with a combined experience of over 200 years in Drug Discovery. Bugworks engages with multiple, globally reputed partners to propel its breakthrough broad-spectrum assets.

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Innovation and collaboration is at our core. See our phase-wise partners.

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