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BUGWORKS has validated a new paradigm to discover novel antibiotics. Our novel methodology mitigates efflux-mediated drug resistance and enables the entry of antibiotics into Gram-negative pathogens, two key barriers that must be overcome for developing the next generation of successful antibiotics. Our portfolio of assets targeting hospital-associated infections center around two major themes: (i) discovery of novel drugs countering efflux-mediated drug resistance and (ii) discovery of novel companion drugs that potentiate existing classes of antibiotics.

Bugworks’ platform has enabled the discovery of novel opportunities to combat Gram-negative superbugs:

A. First-in-class NCE with novel mechanism showing broad-spectrum activity on pan-resistant superbugs. Our lead chemical series kills a broad spectrum of pathogens via a novel mechanism and is potent on multi-drug-resistant clinical isolates of E. coli (including ESBLs, NDM-1), S. aureus (including MRSA), K. pneumoniae (including KPCs), A. baumannii, P. aeruginosa, E. faecalis (including VRE), N. gonorrhoeae, C. difficile, S. pyogenes, S. pneumoniae, and S. epidermidis. This spectrum covers the key bacterial species on the WHO (2017) list of Critical and High priority pathogens.

B. Emerging First-in-class NCE with a novel mechanism exhibiting potentiation of marketed drug classes. Our second NCE series potentiates antibiotic classes that are typically used to treat Gram-positive infections, and renders them potent on Gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli, K. pneumoniae, A. baumannii, & P. aeruginosa.

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